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Default How embarrassed can one dog be?

Okay, Ilka's obviously not a GSD, but I just had to share some pictures I took of her the other day.

No, I'm NOT looking at you.

Ilka in her antlers 003 by RBElwell, on Flickr

Because you put THIS stupid thing on my head, that's why.

Ilka in her antlers 005 by RBElwell, on Flickr

I really hope nobody sees me like this.

Ilka in her antlers 007 by RBElwell, on Flickr


Ilka in her antlers 009 by RBElwell, on Flickr

If you know what's good for you, you will get this thing off of me NOW!

Ilka in her antlers 011 by RBElwell, on Flickr

Yeah, she wasn't too happy with me.
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