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In a general sense, a low prey drive does not mean a low defense drive. 2 very different things.

Prey drive can be used in the beginning to build desire to engage. But it is not the only thing to look at in a personal protection dog.

My concern is that, very very very few dogs born are capable of handling a true defensive/protective state of mind at 6 mo old. So 99.99% of pups that are showing "protective" behavior at that age are not doing it out of " protection " but out of fear. It's insecurity that had been cultivated to " look good" for a potential buyer.

A good PPD is confident, social. Not trying to defend space from non threatening people. They have been we'll socialized so that they can tell the difference between a true threat and a drunk college kid. They are not overly sensitive to environment, they are calm and happy.

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