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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
He barks at strangers, protects his territory with high energy and appears to be bold.

But this in a 6 month old pup may be spazzy hyper activity and nerves?
They told me something along the lines of, "we build his temperament for protection since he is small puppy."

It seems appealing at first because he seems like a serious dog. He isn't afraid of strangers because he goes forward and barks when strangers walk towards him or enter his general space.

I don't mind this aspect of his behavior because I think that's great for protection work. What I'm concerned with is the fact that he doesn't seem excited about chasing a toy, biting the toy, and possessing the toy.

Does anyone have any input on that? Do high drive dogs ever have scenarios where they don't want to bite or show low drive behavior? My gut is telling me NO. But hopefully someone more experienced can give me a more reliable answer.
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