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Default Santa Claws

I messed up what rescue was doing Santa pictures where when I convinced the roommate to go with me to Petsmart today, however we got pictures with a rather nice Santa (who was female) and donated 5 dollars to help a feral kitty program one of the specialists I work with turns out to help with!

Leia is more than happy to pose I swear for pictures. She doesn't have any trouble meeting strangers, provided they're not being threatening. It's fairly obvious that she is happy with her situation next to the nice lady dressed as Santa. My golden however is not quite as convinced of the potential for not dying being a part of it all, since on the other side of where Leia's sitting there was a family with a kid. The golden's afraid of kids, the GSD will greet anyone. Go figure right?

Busy as the place was, it made navigating interesting. Especially since my roommate was with me with 3 of his 5 dogs. Everyone and their neighbor was at Petsmart! I am proud of my kids though. They're always well behaved and I never have to worry about strange dogs coming toward us. Unless they're really aggressive, my two will politely greet/ignore them.
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