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Default Working dog or scam? NEED HELP NOW!

I just purchased a 6-month male and the owner/trainer said the dog had high drives (which I want for protection work) and that he would make a great protection dog. At first glance, the dog seems great. He barks at strangers, protects his territory with high energy and appears to be bold.

After some socialization, I took him home. We hung out and bonded for a bit and I decided to test his prey drive and his bite. This is where I got confused and a bit paranoid… his bite is weak, he gives up the tug easily, he doesn't chase intensely, and he shows weak possession. This is unlike my previous -- and only other -- German Shepherd who was eager to tug and chase and held on for dear life.

So I'm a little confused. Is this something temporary? Is the dog maybe unfamiliar with me and feeling separation anxiety? Maybe he doesn't trust me enough to play with me yet? Should I return him and get my money back? Maybe I should be patient but for how long?

I had the impression that a dog with drive will chase anything under any circumstances. That's how my last dog was. Maybe this dog doesn't have it and I was scammed.

Can someone please give me insight. I need it bad right now.
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