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Default Where to put a puppy during the day?

Where do you put your puppy during the day? My puppy wants me to hold him all the time and I can't do that and definitely don't want to do that. The puppy cannot stay in a room because it gets into things and really chews on thing, and all that stuff. The puppy cannot stay in an x-pen because he climbs over. The puppy is always with me and if I am playing with the puppy, he wants to play in my lap. The puppy can only eat if I am in the room nearby him, he gets really anxious. If I take the puppy out and then crate the puppy for a few minutes, he will tear up his bedding and potty area and poop and pee everywhere and yap. He will not leave my side and gets so anxious when I leave him alone. I have never had a puppy before that is so "attached" to me before. Another weird behavior the puppy has is that he will not eat around the edges of his food bowl, he will only eat in the middle of his food bowl and wants me to push the food from the edges into the middle of the food bowl. The puppy will also only potty on leaves outside, he won't potty on the grass, and will run over to piles of leaves to potty. The other odd behavior he has is that he will get all of his toys out of his basket and put them in a pile or take them one at a time and put them in a crate. Is this normal puppy behavior?

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