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Default Breeders competing at high levels

Not really sure how to title this, hopefully it makes sense.

The thread about Drago got me thinking about breeders and how often they compete with dogs they have bred at the highest levels. I know Gary H has competed and stood at stud two if the more recent popular stud. But he did not breed them. Which is common, no knock on Gary or his program.

But I am wondering if people could name some of the breeders that have bred and competed with their own dogs at high levels? How rare is that? Or am I just not realizing it when it happens. Sometimes I know a handlers name but not their kennel name. But it seems that even the top kennels get their dogs from other kennels. I know the dogs that get to those levels in sport are rare. But should it not be the goal of a breeding program to get there? IDK.

Or, are breeding programs more focused on the bitch line and the strong boys sold to competitors and trainers that have the time to dedicate to competing? How often to bitches get to the highest levels?

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