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Default Types of bones and what they're good for

Ok so I went to the supermarket looking for raw beef knuckles. The first store said, "no I don't think we have those, but everything like that is over here." There were turkey necks and "soup bones." So I tried another store with a much larger selection. They had beef feet, pig feet, pig hocks, deer hocks, turkey necks, and a couple other items. When I asked about beef knuckles the guy told me what butchers called knuckled were more like beef tips and didn't have any bone in it?

So I'm just really confused about which bones to get. I know chicken ones are good for edible bones, but I was looking for something with dental benefits- not too hard that they might splinter and not too small/soft that they just get eaten without scraping any plaque.

Ps- what are "soup bones"?

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