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Default Northern California/Nevada breeder recommendations

Hello, after loosing Greta 2 mos. ago, we are thinking of finding a breeder for another dog. I have had 3 GSD and 2 mutts. We are not going to show or work her. I would like to do obedience training and possibly therapy dog work maybe at the local VA hospital. We live in the mountains and hike/backpack quite a bit and our dog is always with us. So... we are looking for a female, black/tan (or red) dog with a gentle temperament.. I have a friend that does SARs work and her dogs are great but way to "high drive" for me. My past dogs all went 90 lbs, big females, sure would like to find one a bit smaller. I have been on the websites of the 2 breeders in Pilot Hill. I have also read about the breeder in Angels Camp mentioned in another post. We would like to find one within a few hrs our here since I would like to visit the kennel, see the dogs and puppies before bringing one home. This might sound na´ve, but is it common for a breeder to have 2-3 litters going at once? Seems like a lot of dogs to be taking care of. Thank you for any help.
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