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Default Decisions......

Basically I thought this might be a fun thread. In reality there will likely not be much of a decision to make....

-always owned females (I have never owned a male dog in my lifetime)
-last Shepherd was all white

I spoke to the breeder yesterday. We pick up our pup on New Years day. Our breeder is choosing our pup based on temperament alone. We gave her full creative license otherwise. She knows our situation and has a lot of experience. We trust her.

3 black females, 2 black males and 2 bicolor males
1 black male, 1 black female has been ruled out.
so that leaves 2 black females, 1 black male, 2 bicolor males.

Last night my wife and I were just discussing if we had the choice of the remaining pups, what would we choose?? Temperament aside.

That would leave us with two decisions. Male or Female? and Solid black or bicolor? Bicolor would be an obvious commitment to male as well.

I know there really isn't enough information about us here. Our last female was pretty independant. She only wanted attention in very brief encounters. Drove my wife nuts. She is home with the dog all day everyday and it will be a companion, protector and we hope to train at least some service aspects as my wife is mildly (?) disabled. (use of only one arm, chronic pain)

As for color, we like both. If the pups take after Dad (Belgian import), they will be 90% black with only the feet and part of the legs being tan. Right now they have little black highlights on the toes. Obviously, the solid back ones are just that. Mom is solid black, gorgeous, shiny, wavy coat. (Czech import)

So, give me some opinions...Ask questions...I can post a few of the breeders pics if needed of the adults. I have a few of the pups.
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