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Default Diet, vomiting, diarrhea

Angel will be 6 next month. She has always seemed to have a somewhat sensitive stomach. She has been on Iams Proactive health for about 3 yrs now and had seemed to be doing ok until recently.

She seemed to have on and off diarrhea for several years and the occasional "normal" vomiting episode. The past few months she seems to have gotten much worse. She first had a serious episode after sneaking to the neighbors and eating scraps. After getting that under control she is back to a routine of having normal BMs for a week or so and then another bout of diarrhea of varying degrees. The past couple of months she has begun to vomit within minutes of eating the Iams kibble. She also eats grass like she was a cow.

Lately I have been mixing her kibble with canned pumpkin whenever she has an episode of diarrhea with good success.

Any thoughts or ideas to address this issue.
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