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I adopted a GSD named Max about 5 days ago he's 16 months old which still makes him a pup rite?.........well the problem is that i have 2 other dogs a 7 year old russian samoyed named Bunty and a 6 year old german shorthair pointer named Dainey both of them are females, when i introduced the new house guest to them Bunty started barking and she snaps at him whenever he gets close.Dainey's okay with him but Bunty encourages her to bark at him too. Yesterday i unchained max to roam in the lawn with my other dogs who are always unchained i was supervising them from a distance all 3 of them were minding their own business but when i called Dainey, Max jumped on her and with his paw on her head he was growling, Bunty came for her help and they all started fighting it lasted for 6 seconds luckily none of them were bitten Bunty was covered with Max's saliva. The same thing happened again when Max accidentally left his cage..................I'm confused and i don't want to get rid of them

P.S:The fight was loud
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