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Default My dog attacks dogs near me?

Hi, I'm new here, and I've been having quite some problems with my 2 year old female GSD.

Ever since about 2 months ago, Olympia will attack my other dogs if they come around me, those dogs include a Rottweiler, a Pit Bull, and a Doberman. I'm afraid she'll get hurt one day, or that she'll even snap at my little sister, my parents, or any of my family members.

I take Olympia out on walks everyday when I get home from school, feed her separately as I do with the others, and spend a lot of time with her in general. I don't know if she's acting as alpha, but I'm getting somewhat frustrated because my friends can't really come over anymore since fights break out. She's super sweet whenever my other dogs aren't around, which is not that often. But she quickly gets vicious, especially if my Rottweiler comes near. And Olympia is especially territorial of my bedroom.

I've taught Olympia all the basic commands, and I've raised her by myself since I was 11, and she's like my baby. I don't want my dad to have to send her away for aggression, I need help ASAP?
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