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So I went in and bought raw meat today. I have a 30day supply.

Based on raw dog ranches formula. I think I'm ok.

Sabo- 8mo now neutered male, 75 lbs
AM- 12oz Turkey neck (or close...sometimes 11.3, sometimes the ball park.) Or 12oz pork ribs. ( the sternum of the pork)

PM- 8oz Turkey heart and 4 oz gizzard; 8oz chicken breast, 4oz gizzard; or 8oz chicken thigh and 4 oz Turkey liver . I also have sardines or eggs to toss in there.

Is that ok to start with? I ended up with to much gizzard and liver so I need other things to pair up there. I know too much liver isn't good, so that will be a once or twice thing.

Any other ideas? Salmon oil? Vitamin E? What else should I get?

Fixed spelling errors....darn phone.

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