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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
AKC registered does not have anything to do with quality, only that the dog's ancesters were registered in the stud book.

Health certification is done on hips, elbows, cardiac, thyroid, dm, cerf testing for eyes, tests for vWd -- von Wilbrand's disease, and probably others I am noth thinking of. But I do not know of a test that certifies a dog clear of the genetics that cause cryptorchidism. So, it could be either line.

What you need to look at is what the dog produces when used on other bitches, and the same for the bitch.
What do you mean? He isn't purebred. His mother was a GSD/BC mix. Which is why I said it most likely came from her. From what I was told, Grizz (My boy's father), has sired 4 litters so far and nothing like this has shown up.

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