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Default Puppy and older cats

I have tried to do some searching for "cats", but I get several pages of results that don't seem related, so sorry for something that may have been answered to death.

We have an 13 week old GSD who we have had since he was 8 weeks. He is well behaved for the most part, at least compared to some of the more extreme behavior I have seen here, but he seems to have some issues with our cats and I wanted to see what I could do.

We have two cats, one four years old, the other around 11-12. The younger one sniffed him when he was younger and sleeping, and generally comes around still when he is out of his crate, but still less often. He never really attacked her or anything, but when he would get close she would hiss and swipe at him. Now she sometimes hides on the stairs going to the basement and jumps out at him when he walks by. So whenever he sees her now, even if she is just eating or whatever, he kind starts barking at her (about the only time he does bark) and tries to get closer to her. All the time he is wagging his tail, so I don't think he is aggressive.

She then gets all puffed up and hisses and so on. So now I feel even when she is playing, he thinks she is attacking. And his playing to her us just annoying I guess.

The older one largely sticks to the upstairs for now, as she is the same color and the younger and he starts barking at her anytime she comes around at all even though she doesn't react to him.

The little guy isn't getting any smaller, and I am afraid this may one day lead to a more aggressive altercation. Is there anything I can do to improve their relationship? I tried bringing him close to her, like holding him and showing his back, which she will usually sniff and then jump away. If I hold him and go face first, its like holding his face to a weed whacker (No I have not let her hit him, but she definitely swipes). She is normally a very affectionate cat, they both are, its just with him.

Thanks for any tips! I hope that as he grows and mellows they will eventually warm up to him.
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