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Default 2yo With Sudden Onset Aggression

My 2yo shepherd mix (mostly shepherd) was rescued from a house where she was loved but not enough, fed but not enough, and forgotten about for long days while the owners traveled to work in another county and only returned at the end of the night. There were 8 other dogs in this house as well that were all left running loose during the day. I met the dog when she was in these conditions while he owner had her at work. Fell in love with her right away. Sweet as could be, cuddled with people, played with other dogs, active and alert and always looking for a way to please. I got her after the owner tried to rehome her without luck, and I told her I would love to have her. When I first got her, she was fine. The same as she was when I met her. This was about 2 months ago. In the past week though we've been going to the dog park more often than we did before, and she has gotten aggressive with other dogs. She always played rough, but its to the point where she drew blood on another dog (a family members dog so we handled it between us and it wasn't bad) and yesterday she attacked a different dog and that dog fought back. She has a nasty nick in her ear but that's it from it. I'm worried though cause this behavior has only just started. I can't trust her to be off leash around any other dogs at all which is stressful cause I have 3 other dogs as well who regularly love the dog park and she needs the exercise as I've been living in an apartment and will be here till the end of the month. Any ideas you guys may have on the why its happening or how to fix it would help. I'll answer any and all questions cause I need to get this figured out. Thanks.
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