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All I know about the police officer pepper spraying her is bc he said "she came up to him", but I mean come on you have a young puppy starving in front of you and instead of giving the rest of a sandwich to her he sprayed her. Ticked me off when my neighbor told me the story about why the cop did it. My neighbor is a EMT paramedic so once he knew it was pepper spray he quickly rinsed her eyes the day he got her home. I can't help but wonder if maybe from her eating anything to fill her tummy while on the streets and then having actual food in her may have caused this, but I've sent an email to my vet about it to get the samples I've got bagged to him.
Thanks my rottie is Rocky he is pushing 107 lbs at a year and half lol poor Zena if it wasn't for the fluffy fur she would look like a bag of bones so I am trying to get her weight back to normal which is iffy bc being GSD and chow chow its hard to know where she should actually be in weight.
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