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Default Zena got sick tonight :(

A little bit about Zena that i know before i get into her getting sick, so please bear with me..

Hello! I am Zena's new human mom as of two days ago, when a neighbor posted on our neighborhood website that her husband had found a young German shepherd chow mix at his job. I contacted them bc from the picture they posted of her she looked so much like a GSD except she doesn't sit low on her back end like a lot of GSD do, anyways I arranged a meet and greet at my house bc I have a one and half year rescued rottie that I've had since he was four months old (poor guy was tied to a sign on the interstate) and seeing how he is a big spoiled baby I needneeded to know that they would get along good in his territory. Well they did and I asked him about Zena (they called her Pepper). He told me that she was hanging around their EMS station and was shy, and once he finally caught her and found out where her previous owners lived he went there to find they had moved away, so he loaded Zena up and took her home. He told me that on the way his eyes started burning, and everything so he got home and ran her a nice warm bath and started to bathe her and the burning and itching, coughing and all got worse so they cleaned her up and made a phone to a friend who then told them Zena had a local police officer spray her with a whole can of pepper spray (hence why they named her Pepper). The next day they posted her on our website, after getting her cleaned up.
In just two days Zena has went from scared hiding in the corners not coming to the name Pepper to running around playing happily and coming every time to her new Zena. She has already learned to walk on the leash (not good but doesn't fight it at least anymore), she has learned sit, lay, come, and shake. Stay is totally out of the question for now bc I guess she thinks I am going to leave her if I get out of sight. She eats great (I feed Victor bc it doesn't have a lot of that trash a lot of foods have in it now days) and drinks plenty of water and is super hyper which we guessed she is around eights months old.

Tonight 12/13/2013 around 1:00 am I heard her getting sick (which she hasn't since I've had her and the couple that rescued her hadn't seen her sick either). She vomited two times both times it looked like stomach acid with tiny spots of blood (quickly got three q-tips and got blood spots and other samples of the vomit and stuck it in a plastic Ziploc bag for the vet), she isn't vomiting anymore, she drank a bit of water played a bit then went to sleep. Not sure if I should rush to the vet first thing in the morning, or hold off and see if she does it again?

Any advice or info would be awesome!! Already love this pup from a far she looks like a gsd but up close she looks like a fussy teddy bear with black muzzle and saddle lol...

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