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Default Looking for breeder in Australia

Hi there.
I'm looking for a breeder in Australia, I live in Newcastle NSW but I guess it doesn't really matter where abouts in Australia it is I want to find the right pup. I already have a male coming up on 2 in March and am looking for a female after that. From working lines, or at least with the straight back but I don't seem to be able to find any in show lines anyway.
I've just had next to no luck with finding good sites. There's a couple of ones but mostly they are recommended for police work etc. My local dog showgrounds that work in line with the GSD league are closed till after December so I can't go there till then and I'd just like to get a bit of a start looking
The dog is for general companionship, possibly family protection training but nothing more than that. Would just be going on bush walks once its older etc. My current boy has a pretty high prey drive so I don't know if that influences what kind of drive the pup should have?

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