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4 or 5 weeks of age is way to early to separate a dog from it's littermates, there is no way your pup learned how to interact with others. I am going to be honest with you because you need to totally change the way you interact with the pup. You should never be pinning an 11 week old puppy down for any behaviour. Starring down to correct should never be done to a puppy. You are ruining any chances for a normal relationship with this dog and are creating a monster that will have serious mental issues and will need to be put down if you do not drastically change the way you are interacting with the pup. This pup should have been having interactions with other pups somehow, the pup does not understand the basic communication skills with other dogs because it never had a chance to learn. You should not be forcing the pup to interact with people or dogs, he should be allowed to do that on his own. You need help immediately from someone that knows what they are doing, maybe German Shepherd Rescue can help you. This dog is going to be a serious liability and it is not his fault you need help yesterday, serious remedial training is needed. I did not intend to beat up on you and I am glad you posted, I just wish to impress on you the seriousness of the problem. At 11 weeks of age you should be ignoring bad behaviour and rewarding good behaviour. These problems all come from being separated from the litter too soon and made worse by you confirming his suspicions that humans and other dogs are to be feared and avoided and if that doesn't work they should be attacked.
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