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Default 11 week german shepherd with aggresive and socialization problems

Hey guys. So I am having some serious socialization and aggression problems with my little pup. He is only 11 weeks old and i got him when he was around 4 or 5 weeks. He gets very scared in social situations and snaps.
My friend came up to my car yesterday and I have never seen a dog bark so aggressively in my life and try and bit with such fear. It was very scary and i don't know what to do.

Here is a list of the issues I have been having with him.

1. when around other dogs gets very shy and runs behind our legs
2. other dogs come up and shows teeth and growls
4. when meeting new people gets nervous and growls and twists head back and tries to bite if they try and hold him and barks
5. from balcony barks at strangers passing by
6. when trying to go on a walk barks at other dogs when on leash
7. when people come up to car snaps and tries to bite and growls and barks
8. when digging holes and trying to get him to stop he gets territorial and snaps trying to guard his hole where he tries to bury his toys.
9. if doing something wrong and trying to correct will run away in a fearful way then comes back barking and trying to bite
10. with people he does know he also tries to bite if he suddenly feels overwhelmed or if we are trying to show dominance over him by telling him not to do something
11. if we or people he is familiar with are holding him and it is close to his neck (not tight) he will try to snap around and bite and growl
12. was listening to 'come' but does not often anymore
13. poor eye contact when doing something wrong often shifts eyes away from us when we are trying to make eye contact
14. will go to bite fingers and we try to make him submit either by pinning him down or closing his mouth or telling him to stop and will continue to chomp bite until he gets what he wants
15. very very alert if hears any noise during his sleep or at any time will become very anxious
16. does not like strangers around the house at all, if someone he does not know comes into his own domain he will bark and try to bite and stand his ground as though protecting
17. will bite at the face
18. when walking around will bite at legs and when telling to stop he will continue and growl as walking around
19. when biting at clothing he will continue to go back and bite and shake his head in a very firm way while growling
20. if gets in trouble for poor behavior i have noticed that he will make eye contact with me and purposely pee inside of the house, he is for the most part potty trained and knows where he is supposed to go….
If I look at him close in the eye he tries to bit.

Please let me know what you guys think and think if he can be a social dog ever who loves people and gets happy around a lot of people.

I am very worried he might bite a stranger or my 2 year old nice. If you guys have any advice let me know.

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