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Default Possible blockage - freaking out

My girl is 1 year old today!! Today she had squirting diarrhea at the dog park and wouldn't touch her dinner tonight. About a half hour ago she threw up what looked like all her kibble from this morning along with what I think was the pig ear she had. I'm freaking out because she should not have all that undigested food in her stomach from 8:00 this morning...really worried about a blockage. She's not the kind to eat anything that's not edible, but since it's her birthday I have been giving her lots of "special" treats, raw hide two nights ago, bully stick last night, sweet potato rope (only about a 1/3 of it last night), and a pig ear today. I think she threw up last time she had a pig ear...but that doesn't explain all the undigested food. Other than that she was acting normal, cashed out on her chair right now, but I can't say if she's just tired or "listless". I'm so nervous I feel sick (I tend to overreact in general). And to top things off I am broke! I know that can be an expensive situation. I'm gonna take her tomorrow if she doesn't eat or poop, or if she throws up again. If this is a blockage I'm gonna feel so guilty!!!!!! She seemed to have an iron stomach before today. Anybody else have experience with a dog vomiting undigested food 9 hours later??????
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