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Default Kennels whilst working away

Hi all

I've not posted here in a while. I just wanted to ask your opinions:

Winter is now 2 years old. We've found some kennels we like and she stays there every now and then whilst I work away, the longest being 12 days so far. I am confident she is happy there (I've watched her when she doesn't know I'm there).

Anyhow, next summer I'm taking a 7 week research internship that I need to do for my career. I was planning on putting Winter into the kennels for this time. My friend just now tells me I am cruel and it is unfair and although I don't think it is, I thought maybe I should rethink this. I am not willing to give up this internship, call me selfish - that's fine, but I'm giving up my career if I don't do it. In a few years I will be moving abroad, maybe to Costa Rica and plan on taking Winter with me. But am I being fair to her? Would it be better for me just to rehome her? What are your thoughts? Surely others have been through similar and the dog has been fine?
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