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Default Honest Kitchen / Digestive Issues

Hi! I have a GSD who I've received advice from before on these forums for her digestive issues. She often has very very soft stools to the point of diarrhea on a regular basis. With advice I received her, I've been able to get her to have relatively regular bowel movements, about 98% of the time when she receives her food and supplements exactly. She is on TOTW and receives 1 cup of yogurt, Honest Kitchen Perfect Form supplement, and a prebiotic/probiotic (all twice a day). Unfortunately if she misses one dose, it takes 2 days+ to get her back to normal. She's coming close to 11 months now. I've been looking into Honest Kitchen as I've heard many people with similar issues switching their dogs to it and having great success. I wanted to find out if anyone here recommends it for such issues, and if so, which one. And if not, what would you recommend I try? I'd really like to get her on a food that doesn't require so many supplementals just to get her through the day. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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