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Originally Posted by Lucy Dog View Post
I can see maybe the right hip (left side of x-ray) being the only thing he's seeing, but even that hip looks OFA fair at worst to me. Just wait to see what they come back with before you start with more shots and treatments.

And is he or has he ever shown any signs of pain? Any hesitation to get up steps or jump up? Anything like that?
The right side is the one she said she saw it in. She does sometimes do the bunny hop run and will sometimes sit lazy, but she will also sit perfect and run perfect too. She has not shown signs of pain. She is a little hesitant on stairs but I think that is because she has a slip on some a month ago she wasn't hesitant before that. She doesn't bunny hop up stairs. She does slip sometimes on hardwood floor, but so did my old dog they are pretty slick. Never enough of a slip to actually fall though.
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