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Default Looking for a second and advice needed

I hope everyone is doing well!

I don't post often but do a lot of reading on here. To keep it short, I took in a fixed male GSD back in may, he's 3 years 4months now. He came to me underweight but healthy and has put on 20lbs and doing so well. I would not change a single thing about this dog. Everything is perfect and that's why I'm posting, I'm worried about ruining that.

I'm looking at getting a second. It might be from a breeder, shelter, an ad online etc. When the time is right and when I think I've come across the right dog I think I will know. My question is for all of you is should I be looking for another male or consider a female? I'm not looking for a puppy but 2-3 years range.

I a few details:
-Dogs are kept in the house when I'm not home
-I do not crate
-He get's about 3 hours of walking/running a day

I'm thinking of getting a second male but have no experience with two male dogs of any breed let alone a a GSD.
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