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Brembo could he have landed wrong when he jumped and then when setting back down kind of some tenderness there.? I would keep an eye on it for awhile as Im sure your doing. Lucky is my drama boy. He after his coming to us was found to have heartworm. So after a injection of the H/W treatment( three hours later) I picked him up and when my husband put his hand down to pat his shoulders Lucky let out a blood curdling scream that made me say "what did you do?" Called the vet who reminded me the shot was nowhere near the shoulder(dont remember where it was) and that Lucky was a bit dramatic. I think he re-experienced the pain of the shot when he saw my husband reaching for him. Just a wacky theory. Maybe Cable's jump left him somewhat tender ,kind of like when you've fallen and you get some twinges of tenderness when you hit the same area. Just a few thoughts.Cable is about 3 or 4 right?
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