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Default Cable screamed when he got up

Got home from work, did various things around the house as per normal. Made myself ready for bed, told the dogs to go potty, bedtime. Cable and Allie went out did their business(I watched, just to make sure they took a leak). Hopped in bed, dogs on either side and was pretty quickly asleep. About an hour into la-la land Cable stood up, started to hop off the bed and screamed. Not a whine, but a full bore in massive pain screech. needless to say I was up like a shot and was able to lay hands on him quickly. He had jumped down and was sort of inching his way to the door. Could not tell if he was favoring a paw, or back or what. He turned back to me and buried his head in my lap.

Allie is normally very jealous, she just sat there watching as I poked and prodded Cable, trying to find the spot or whatever had caused him so much pain. Nothing made him flinch, nowhere did he make a move to protect. He hopped back up, sat on my chest for a second and then went outside, took a nice leak and came trotting back inside. No weird gait, no sign of pain in the least.

When he hopped back up on the bed for the last time, he did the 3 turns around dog thing and as he plopped I heard a soft wimper. He does that sometimes as he just likes to talk *I THINK*. This one sounded like pain to me, so once again I poke and prod to no avail.

He's in great health, moves great and is not showing any signs in the least of restricted movement or tentative actions.

Could he have had a really bad dream? His vocalization spooked Allie, it made me just about pee. Within minutes he was 100% goofball Cable, nibbling at my fingers and swatting my face as per the norm. I am baffled.
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