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Default Gift question...

I am getting a puppy in a week and a half and the breeder is in TN. Another local couple is getting a puppy from the same litter and offered to bring mine back to me since they already made arrangements to drive down and get theirs (they are good friends with the breeder). Since they are saving me a 3 day trip or several hundred in shipping costs, I got them some gifts but I'm not sure if it's sufficient? I got them a $50 gas card, am making a gift bag with puppy supplies (bully sticks, chews, puppy toys, treats), and I am somewhat famous among my peers and family for my version of Chex Mix so they are getting a batch of that. Do you think that is enough? I know they would have done it for me anyway they already planned to visit their friend, but I am EXTREMELY thankful for this favor! I will also be sending along supplies for my dog (crate, pail, food, chews, toys, some cleanup stuff, and old t-shirts I've been sleeping in).
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