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Default Help! Defiant 6mo male!

I'm new to the board and need some help/tips. Ivan is the first GSD I've owned. We have a Siberian Husky who was so easy to train (contradictory to what people say, he's eager to please and listens/behaves better than any other dog I've ever owned).

Ivan on the other hand has been testing me and I think trying to claim pack leader status. We are in puppy class and he does great but as soon as we get home he wants to be the boss. He barks a lot and nips at me. He's glued to me...I can't walk anywhere without him being tangled in my feet. He wines and is obnoxious. I do exercise him daily and we go on hikes frequently. He's also started pooping in his crate when we leave the house, and I am getting tired of bathing him multiple times a day.

I want to be able to eventually leave him out of his crate when I leave the house...

Any tips or advice or even just people who have similar experiences? Thanks in advance!

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