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Originally Posted by GatorBytes View Post
Well the revolution should have stopped in like Oct. It is probably hurting her. Burning maybe.

Booties. Try putting on back feet only to start (treats, treats, treats!). bring the other two, so when her feet hurt and she lays down, clean off and put other two on, when she gets back into her groove she may recognize as feeling better and like them.

Whenever G walks through salt (to cross road or something) I move him into snow to clean off. This generally results in ice balls forming in his paws between the toes and heel (not sure what the paw anatomy is, so I dig out the ice balls (with bare fingers), and he is up and boogying along again. I use on back only, at least I know which are affected if he wimps out.
She only got another dose of revolution because I found out she had fleas! I had put her last dose on at the end of August and found out she had some fleas about 2 weeks ago so put another dose of revolution on her which I didnt want to do but had to do it anyway because my so called friend (the one that i have spoken about before with their GSD named Stanley) did not put any flea/tick preventitive on Stanley and I am assuming she got them from him as Penny only ever sees two dogs now that is Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo does not have fleas) and Stanley, and she hasnt been around Stanley since I found out he has fleas and worms (this poor dog has had worms since last year!) my so called friend claims that he has been dewormed and that the vet says he does not have worms but then I constantly find worms in his poop every time I see him or puppy sit him. So I have yet to confront my friend about this but I will not be letting Penny play with Stanley any more until I get written documentation from a vet stating he does not have fleas or worms so I am not sure how to bring that up with my friend and I do not think I am being unreasonable but I should not have to keep pumping Penny full of drugs just because my friend cant take care of her dog.

Anyway, she has always been afraid of me putting revolution on her or giving her meds or anything of the sort. But I will try to ease the booties on today and start trying to use them. I hope I can actually use them esp now that she has another cut on her pad and walking on that salt is going to hurt her more
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