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I bought my pup a Kong Squeezz Stick when he was 10 or 12 weeks old. At 8 months, he still plays with it and it STILL squeaks! He love loves a flirt pole and they are very easy to make yourself. I just used a horse lunge whip for mine and tied a stuffless stuffed animal on the end. He loves to play fetch. I use softballs (prob too big for a young pup). He likes his Kong that I fill with a mixture of a broken dog biscuit (Blue Buffalo banana & yogurt), about 1/4 cup of his food and pure pumpkin. I then freeze it so it lasts longer. He loves his rope tug as well.

We hide one of his toys and have him look for it in another room. He finds that great fun. I also made some scent boxes out of shoe boxes and hide a treat in one and scatter them in a room and let him search out the correct box.
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