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Default Penny's Paws

So Penny seems to have very sensitive paws, she has cut them several times and she again some how managed to slice her toe pad open this morning while we had our morning playdate with my neighbor (a good friend of mine) and her dog Scooby-Doo. Not sure how it happened as the ground is covered in snow and I know there is no glass or nails or anything like that that would have done it, so I am assuming it was the ice under the snow that did it. But Penny's paws arnt only sensitive to being cut open but salt! Omg the salt out now I can no longer walk Penny on any kind of main street or anywhere that salt is used. Penny's first walk when it first got icy out and the salt was put down was unbearable I had to call my friend to come get me and Penny because Penny was curled up on the grass screaming while holding her paws up. I felt so heart broken for her. My last GSD never had any problems with her feet and only cut her pad once on a broken beer at a park, and never had issues walking the streets in winter with the salt.

Does anyone else have a GSD with really sensitive paws? I have tried to put on a pair or doggy booties but Penny wont let me get near her with them. Which is also something I wanted to ask. Some things she is absolutely terrified of for no reason, like getting her revolution on, I have to get her into a corner and hold her down to put it on or she runs away and will not let me get close to her with it, and a bath you can forget as well. Not sure why she is so scared of things that have never hurt her but I guess thats just how my girl is, a big scaredy dog. Any suggestions how I can keep Penny's paws safe from getting cut and safe from the salt this winter? Should I just keep trying to put the booties on her? I feel really stupid putting booties on my GSD, shes a GSD for crying out loud lol but if it will help Id rather do it than not.

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