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Default Training with a tennis ball as reward?

Someone told me today you can train with a favorite toy as a reward instead of a treat. Eko is getting increasingly DA and I've been walking him with a muzzle lately, kind of wondering how to take it from here. I use a prong collar on walks so he doesn't drag me towards other dogs, also.

I've mentioned before he is not food motivated, at all, he spits out any kind of treats I give him and the second he sees a dog he won't take it anyway. The prong lets me have barely enough control over him to hold him in place and stay on my feet, and I have mixed feelings about an e collar. I would really like to use a reward kind of training to get him to ignore other dogs, like the treat training where we stay far away and I use treats to distract him and work our way closer over time.

So would a ball work for this? If so, how would I do it? Throw it? Kind of tease him with it so he stays focused on me? What command would I need to use for this, if any?
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