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Red face How did you teach your dog "NO" or "Stop that!"Basically to quit the current behavior

How did you guys teach your dog "No" or "stop that!" or whatever you used to let your dog to stop the current behavior?

It seems like the most essential thing a dog should know. And Zelda knows it sometimes like for when her nose is on the counter and i say "no" she will stop, or if she is reaching on the table to grab something she will usually listen to me when i say "no".

But for example, when Zelda is being mouthy, such as when i am brushing her or clipping her nails.. redirection use to work with an antler, but she continuously mouths the clipper or brush and my hands, arm, upper arm. And puts quite a bit of pressure, but doesn't leave marks so clearly she has good bite inhibition. But i still do not appreciate it and don't know how to make it clear to her that i do not want her teeth on me.

She also does those "mouth hugs" when she is super excited like when people come home. I have asked people to put their hands up and not give her attention when she does this. Which does not seem to be helping. And neither does asking her to sit. She is just so amped and truly believes in her "mouth hugs" (love that term!)

Also when she is frustrated she snaps the air or will mouth me. (which i stated before)
I usually ignore it or redirect her to a toy if that isnt working, or to put that energy into playing tug. Which helps in the moment, but she still does it later..

So Zelda is a mouthy girl.. She is the first GSD i have ever owned or have lived with. So perhaps it is partially that i am not use to this behavior? Is this something i should just get over, that Zelda is mouthy? (i know i have posted sometimes on here about it, it just seems to be a whole different situation or level everytime)

I just have always had dogs (Family, friends, shelter) know what "no" means, like i didn't have to teach it to them directly, obviously i did indirectly (or the owners), its almost they knew by the tone and energy i had. But Zelda either doesn't respect it or doesn't get it when i say "no"? Or both?

*I also wanted to say that i am doing an attempt at NILIF and she gets the exercise that her hips can take. She works for everything. I stopped the on leash in house because that seemed to get her more worked up. She counter surfs a lot less and i have bought a trash can that is pet proof, yay! In general she listens to me.. i tell her kennel and she goes in, she sits, waits, down, up, looks, shakes, over there for me, etc. (Oh and i want to add, sometimes like when i am holding her dinner and tell her to sit and wait she will complain about it with whines and rooing,etc. she still does what i ask just with verbal complaining) but the "no" is what we clearly need to work on!!
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