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Default Personal Protection

First, I hope this is the right sub-board for my post.

Second, I'm going to lay some background about my experience with dogs, and I hope I cover it all.

I have had three dogs that I had personally worked and trained with, but dogs have always been in my life (along with cats). From a young age I have loved to work with and learn about animals in general. I trained my cat, who'd I recently lost this October when I was 7. She knew how to sit, fetch, and I walked her on a leash. It was really my way to show my dad I wanted a dog. It wasn't until I was 11 going on 12 that my dad let me have a dog after I begged and begged for a puppy from a group of people who'd lost the mother during birth. It took my dad nearly a week to say okay. I got him when he was just 10 days old. It was summer so I bottle fed him and raised him up until he was 5 months old. He contracted parvo. I had told my dad he needed puppy shots, but he didn't believe me...he'd never had a dog from a puppy we'd always had rescue dogs from shelters and the only shots my dad did was rabies.

Then that christmas my mom got me Klondike my border collie mix. She was 3 months old and this time my dad made sure everything was done to a t when it came to her shots and health. I immediately worked on training her. Before she was a year old she knew how to speak just when I used a questioning tone like 'Has Tiger been mean to you?' and she would nearly hold a 'conversation' with me, she knew 'shh' how to hold a treat on her nose and catch it off, walk off leash at my side, come when called, sit, down, roll over, leave it, wait, and the list goes on. When she was 4 years old I learned about the CGC and went for it going even above and beyond the requirements. I honestly thought the training would be harder. At the time I worked at a pet store that was family owned and they would let me bring Klondike was summer when we trained for the test and I taught her to stay at the store (doors open and another associate would keep an eye on her) as I walked to the Kroger and back. I asked if she stayed in place and work back to distance if she didn't. The test was such a breeze.

So needless to say obedience is no problem with me, training almost comes with ease, but I realize personal protection training is a whole different ball game to obedience. Obviously it does play a part because the dog has to have that 'controlled' foundation.

When I got Chari, she came Schutzhund one trained, but it wasn't something I knew or had heard of before Chari. She introduced me to the world and it fascinates me and perks my interest. I understood...or maybe it was just hearsay, that you need to be careful with training, it must be very controlled or you could potentially hurt the dogs chance of success if training goes wrong.'s my point, I am going to be getting a puppy, hopefully here in June or July. Before she (or possibly he) comes through our door I want to be prepared on what I need to do to set that puppy up for success for Personal Protection. I've been looking at books and trying to make a list of all the books I need to buy and read to educate myself on everything inside and out so I don't miss a thing. I had even sifted through here trying to find things, but as my fiance says "the google fu" is not strong with me. He has the 'google fu' not I. Lol

Is it okay to start with basics right away? Or should I line up training first with a club or is 8-9 weeks too young, as that would be the age in which I get her.

Kodiak (called Kodi)-born summer of 2009 (4 years old)
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