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Default Aggression shown towards counselors at camp bow wow

Hello all,
My name is Alex and my boy's name is Brutus. We had a little incident today at the dog day camp we bring him to.
Upon my arrival today the manager came out and told me about an incident that happened with Brutus. She said that he got out of the play yard when he wasn't supposed to and when they went to get him he started growling and showing his teeth. She said that he ran up front and when they tried to leash him that he tried to jump on them and started barking and growling. They were able to get him in to a kennel and they closed it. Every time they would walk by or tried to give him food or treats he would jump on the kennel and start growling at them. when I arrived they couldn't get him to come out so I had to go back and get him. When the counselor tried to open the gate he started barking and growling at them. When I slowly approached and he realized it was me he started crying. I let him out and he ran straight to me and hid. when the counselors tried to come by us he started barking and growling. He started to bark and growl at them when one counselor came close to me. I got him in to the car and went back to talk to them. They told me that it all started when one of the dogs in isolation got out and they had to grab him quickly because they didn't want Brutus to get hurt. I think that scared him enough to where he was afraid of the person who tried to put him in the pen. Brutus has never been like that towards people or anyone. The important thing was that no one got hurt. I checked him when we got home and everything seems fine. He was happy this morning so I am not sure exactly what set him off. When I went to drop him off he seemed like he didn't want to be there and that he was ready to go home the moment we walked in. Something tells me that something bad happened the last time we brought him and he knew it wasn't a safe place. Any advice on what I should look for or what could be the possible problem would help. My gut is telling me something happened before and he is now scared to go over there but the way they were talking nothing did.
P.s-- I should note
Yesterday he was fine around other people. We went to the dog park and he was completely fine being there with other dogs and new people that were there.

I am just scared and confused... I don't want this to turn into a problem to where I will have to put him to sleep because he is to aggressive.

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