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Default Good obedience training classes in Minneapolis/St Paul?

I've combed through the topics here a bit but haven't found a lot!

I'll be looking for a good place to take socialization and obedience classes with my puppy when she comes. Ideally I would start her in a puppy class at maybe 9 weeks or so, and continue on from there with obedience.

I'd like to get her to CGC and potentially go the therapy dog route, but given that she doesn't exist yet (so obviously I don't know her), that is a decision point far off in the future. Right now I'd just like to make sure we find a good course to prepare for that in case, and I'm hoping to observe some classes before the puppy comes.

The Animal Inn comes highly recommended by my breeder and after looking at the website, I can see why! But Lake Elmo is a haul for me from Minneapolis proper, especially during rush hour, and I am exploring other options. I don't see anything I like better so far and may well end up rearranging things to get her to classes out there.

Would anyone else be willing to recommend resources? I am Googling and reading websites but there are a ton out there, and most don't grab me. Thanks!

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