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Default Boy or Girl

I've always personally had a girl dog and I'm not a 100% sure why...and now that I've narrowed my breeder down, and I've seen her breeding plans and put my bets on a certain pair planned to breed in February I'm all excited and made it a point to say a female is what I want...but now..I'm second guessing...something in me wants a male..and I'm not sure why.

I like the pair and I am absolutely in love with the male, it took me a few days to figure out that I want one of their puppies and I pray I get one. I stared at his their lineage and then oogled at his...I just freaked when I saw Lery Naspo in his lineage. I don't think she is related to Chari Naspo, but I'm sure somewhere their is a drop of Chari lineage in her somewhere, I mean the last name Naspo....does that mean they could be related in some small way.

I just find it funny that I choose that pair, then two days later I am staring at the lineage and see that? Could it be my gut guiding me or just me being looney?

Either way..I'm at a dilemma now on whether I think a girl or boy is what I would like...

What makes a girl and boy different (other than the obvious plumbing)?

Is a boy more aggressive with protecting or maybe a girl is more instinctual and intuitive than a boy?

Thoughts, experience?

Kodiak (called Kodi)-born summer of 2009 (4 years old)
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