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Default I had to reminisce...

Found some of my old videos I made when I was like 20 of Chari and Kodi playing, Klondike was attempting to join here and there. Klondike was my golden girl :3 She and I learned alot from one another. I had Klondike since I was 13 years old and she passed away just over 2 years ago...and now there is Chari. I wish I took more videos and pictures...I never realized why my mom was so big about cameras and videos but now I do.

They're stupidish...but what I captured in them was cute...

beware this is ridiculous...remember I was a 'kid' when I made this one...

They're a little rough with one another in that last one XD But it's cute..they were so close to one another!

Kodiak (called Kodi)-born summer of 2009 (4 years old)
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