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Question Submissive peeing?

Hello everyone, Hope all is well.
Our max is 16 weeks now, and has started doing something strange to me. For some reason when ever my wife comes home and he runs to greet her he begins to squirt when she pets him. He has never done this before and still doesn't do it with me.

When I get home I usually take time to get everything in order i.e.... take off my coat and such before I greet him. I normally tell him "easy" to stop him from getting to out of control when I first come home.

My wife will just usually just call his name in an excited pitched voice and he'll charge strait up to her and then the squirting will start. He didn't do it when he was younger just recently started.

How can we stop this habit.. Also why would it have started? I don't scold him when he does it out of fear he won't understand and my make matters worse.
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