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Tamaskans are a breed that have been around for a very long time. Jackie, there are GSD in their blood, it says so on the Tamaskan website here: Tamaskan History. They *now* try to breed them true to standard set down by the breed club. They are hard to get though, I have been looking at the websites of the club members for a while now to get an idea of what a adult would look like and find out more about them. They are a breed started in the 80's by Lynn Hardey. They are beautiful dogs, but not for everyone. OP, I would talk to Lynn, she has a website if you want more information about them.

As far as GSDs, stick around there is a lot of information to read here to what to look for in a breeder and a puppy. I would also look around at breeder's websites to get an idea of what they breed (both working and showline) and videos and see which lines are a better fit for you.
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