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Default Options for breeders

Hi, I have been interested in getting a German shepherd puppy for a while now, and I have recently been getting more serious about it.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with totana piper hill in killing worth CT.

If you have any input on this breeder that would be great. And if anyone has info on other good breeders in the CT area it would be very helpful.

I would like a GSD with shorter hair, and one that will be smart and loving.

I have heard some differences between male and female, from what I understand males tend to be larger and more protective over territory, also they tend to want to wander more???

The females are more protective over family and they tend to be better of the leash???

Right now I think I am leaning towards a female but please if you have any input I am open to hear it.

I do not want an aggressive dog, and I would like it to be off leash without wandering away.

I have also heard about a relatively new breed. The tamaskan. It's a mix between a German shepherd a Siberian husky and an Alaskan malamute. I have heard some really good things about these dogs, all information would be appreciated.

I am very new to all this but I am willing to learn.

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