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Default Hello! Puppy shopping here! Male v Female question inside

Hi everyone,
Usually I live in Seattle, WA and Watertown, NY. I've been wanting a German Shepherd and it looks like the Spring/Summer of 2014 is when I'll be picking one up. I don't care if it's from a breeder or a rescue, I just want a pup to work with. I'm picking Spring/Summer because that's when I'll be back in the States and that will also leave me time to train the pup before the snowy season of Upstate New York arrives..

Sorry if these are answered already, I've been lurking here a few days now but my internet connection is limited (I'm in Afghanistan).

I'm only set on German Shepherds. I want to get a dog that can run at a decent pace (6:00 mi in cooler temperature) for 1-5 miles. Here are some questions:

1. I know you have to ease them into it after their growth plates are set. I can still take them running at their own pace. Is it ok to run at a slower place where I'm on pavement and my pup is on grass? I'd watch its fatigue level carefully.

2. With females being generally lighter, are they more ideal for me as a running partner? I imagine a 55lbs dog can run faster and further than a 90lbs dog... But that's not necessarily true in our own species.

3. I generally live in New York, but if I buy a pup from Washington would it be horribly traumatic for it to be in the belly of the plane for that cross-country flight? I'd really like to avoid it but I'd like inputs on this. I know... I'd feel absolutely terrible regardless of whether people say they'll be fine or not.

Any opinion is appreciated!

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