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Default Crate Question: Bedroom, or No Bedroom?

What are your personal views on where your pups crate should be? Does it help with bonding? Training? Trust? Or create problems?

I just moved from WA to CA, stayed in a hotel for a month, rehomed one of our dogs, found a new apt, moved in my mother, and now my fiance is working local instead of flying all over the west coast for work.

Now that my GSD is the only dog, he's gotten quite testy and cocky. All of a sudden he's super demanding, seeking loads of attention, and we lost all focus in our splintered training sessions so I have to start my program all over again.

So, any thoughts on where his crate should be? The kitchen is in the back of the house and has a perfect sized nook just for him. Or inside my bedroom by my bed. Which one and why?

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