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Default Benny blinded puppy

My daughter moved home in October with her 8 week GR pup.
Benny has been very good with Kenobi, giving him a puppy license, but last night bit him in the face. It happened so quick; a quick bite and he let go.
There was no blood but the pups face was bruised. This morning his face was swollen but he was his playful and happy self. Tonight we noticed one of his eyes was not responsive and took him to the e vet. He is blind in one eye. The vet said we can take him to a pet optometrist but there is probably nothing they can do.

I do not blame Benny. It is my fault. My husband and daughter blame me.
I did not see it happen One minute they were fine and I walked out of the kitchen and it happened.
I am heart broken right now... feel like the worst dog owner in the world.
Please be careful to all those who add a new pup.
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