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I am hoping that you do not mean literally that you mean to, "beat the crap out of my dog." If so, than i suggest you find a new home for your dog. Because beating a dog is wrong for ANY reason.

If you mean it by just playing and rough housing, and you just worded it very badly..
I suggest you stop doing that all together. Just stop rough housing. "It teaches dogs to play rough with humans, and it oh so very often leads to trouble. Perhaps not with the person who started it, but more likely with the little girl whose parents are suing you over the "play bite" to their daughters face. Dogs can get overly aroused in play. And just as fights sometimes break out at a ball games in our species, over-arousal can sometimes lead to aggression in dogs." Patricia McConnell, How to be the Leader of the Pack- and Have your Dog Love You For It.

Instead of rough housing and throwing pillows at your dogs face. Why not play tug of war? There are plenty of great tug toys out there. But you need to set rules.
Here is a great video to show how to set those rules and how to play a good fun game of tug:
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