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Well I did not get hurt, but last winter I had this brilliant idea of taking Jonas out in the back field when we got the big snow here in PA. I got all snow clothed up, put on my new snow boots and grabbed the new 50' lead I got him. I always let him take his favorite toy out with him, so we grabbed that and away we went. We was out there about ten minutes and everything was roses...Then it happened. This rabbit came trotting by Jonas and off he went. In the mean time I did not see the new 50' lead I was so proud of was wrapped around my feet. All I can say for only 1 year old, that boy was strong LOL He must have dragged me 10 feet through deep snow. I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. Jonas kind of looked at me with his smile. I said that's it were going back in the house. I looked like the abominable snow man. Luckily nothing was hurt but my pride. I watched you tube for weeks after that, to make sure my neighbors did not record it and post it. Enjoy your chuckle
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