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Default Advice on non GSD issue

I am an aunti too 2 kids, my nephew Stephen 16 and my neice Madeline 13. There Mother (my sister ) passed away about 6 years ago (breast cancer) since then Dave my brother in law has hooked himself up with a winner...she moved in 3 years ago, does not work, has 3 kids and i think she is insecure about the relationship because she took all of my sisters belongings (mostly pictures, and items she left for her kids) and burned them all in the backyard . Stephen has mentioned that things at home are rough his father has recently started hitting him and the live in girlfriend constantly attacks his character, and his mother. Well 2 nights ago stephen called in tears, dad put his head through the drywall and he wanted to come live with us, we picked him up the very next morning and he is with us. I tried to register him at school today, but no luck hearing from his father to give me any kind of consent..stephen was also promptly pulled of his fathers benefits, i am just at a loss here how to navigate this whole crap situation..has anyone ever had to deal with a situation similiar to this? as a aunti i have no rights at all and so far no luck reasoning with his dad..sorry for the vent in advance.
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